Life is a Balancing Act. (text)

I am fascinated with the great potential of human beings, and it’s my life path to help people align with their true nature and get in the flow of their ideal life. My goal is to help people awaken and thrive, rather than merely get by. Yet, there are many road blocks and for most of us we feel limited, whether by our finances, schedule, family life, health, education, or even simply our own lack of belief in ourselves. We know we could feel better but don’t always know where to begin.

It is my mission to help people build more resilient minds and bodies.  We grow in resilience by understanding that we are inherently whole and have the answers and resources we need already within us.  Our suffering happens because we have disconnected or forgotten our essential wholeness.  Truly transformative work is about letting go of the body’s contractions and the mind’s defense patterns so that we have access to the larger energy and potential that is always within.

This site is dedicated to reawakening you to your inner guidance system and living a more awake and vibrant life.  Combining my in depth study of both Eastern (yoga) and Western methodologies (psychology), along with my life as a psychologist, teacher, and mom of three, Dr. Yoga Momma is an integrated guide to help you be a more authentic, resilient, and happy human.

As we awaken to our true nature and develop a strong connection with our goodness and light, we become beacons of inspiration to our children, family, friends, and workplace. Because we commit to waking up, our presence encourages others, either consciously or unconsciously, to do the same.

This is how we change things, not by what we do, but how we are.

It’s time to wake up. Your incredible life is waiting!