Are you a woman?
This program is for you.
Did you know the research is showing that women tended to fare the worst in terms of mental health during the past pandemic year?
Challenge, isolation, loss, and stress became the norm during the pandemic. Emerging data shows that women seemed to feel additional pressures from lockdown, school closures, and lack of childcare.
Because of my own struggles in this last year as well as what I was hearing from others, I applied for a grant to create an online program called TEND HER for women.
This purpose of TEND HER is twofold: 1) To teach self-compassion tools to refuel women’s souls, and 2) To help fortify our collective feminine mental health against future challenges as a result of the pandemic.
Why self-compassion? For starters, women struggle with it. Additionally, research shows it is linked to improved mental health, a positive sense of well being, and it may assist people in processing negative experiences.
It feels like the balm we all need after the year we’ve all had.
TEND HER is for all women. All races, ages, body types, sexual orientation and gender identification are welcome to this sisterhood.
TEND HER consists of the following:
  1. Five 60-minute online classes with Betsy starting Wednesday June 30-July 28 from 7-8PM. If you can’t make the live class, it is recorded. You will learn the components of building a self-compassion practice and learn how to bring kindness to all the facets of your being (your body, your emotions, your power, and your mind).
  2. 5 BONUS sessions starting Friday July 2-July 30 from noon-1 with some of Betsy’s esteemed colleagues. These sessions include yoga, meditation, narrative therapy, and business coaching.
  3. A private FaceBook Group for TEND HER participants that allows for connection, community building and a place to be seen and heard. One of the principle characteristics of self-compassion is realizing you are not alone.
  4. A TEND HER journal. You will receive in the mail prior to the start of the program, a TEND HER journal to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and new insights.
  5. A care package at the end of the program with items that remind you of the lessons learned in the course. This package not only provides tangible symbols of the work you did, but is also a way to “receive” care and encouragement. Plus, we are teaming with local women-run businesses to provide your swag.
This program is FREE for the first 500 women who register and live in the state of Iowa thanks to this grant.
We request that if you register for the program, that you truly engage in all of it, not only as a commitment to yourself, but to honor the space you have received.
(If you are from out of state, no worries, we’d still love to have you join. Your payment helps cover the cost of materials sent your way.)
I hope you take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Please spread the news to other friends and women you know who might benefit as well.