Empath Workshop: Sensitivity is a Superpower



Next online Empath course is TBA. 
Have you ever been told you are too sensitive or that you should “grow a thicker skin”? You might be an empath.  Empaths often feel others’ emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in their own bodies. This extreme sensitivity often makes empaths feel like there is no membrane that separates them from the world and yet this same sensitivity is an entryway into life’s spiritual dimension.
One of the most powerful tools to help you stay subtly attuned to life without being overwhelmed is to inhabit your body. When you live within your body you have a felt sense of internal depth and wholeness.
This 4-week course which includes lecture and a full yoga and meditation practice during each class will provide tools, practices, and support for sensitive souls so we can feel strong, safe, and open.
Class 1:  What is an empath?  Practice how to get grounded, be more present in the body, and embody a strong back and a soft heart.
Class 2: What are the challenges and gifts of being an empath?  Practice loving kindness.
Class 3: How to utilize intuition, develop it, and grow it?  Practice opening your third eye and the powerful tool of meditation.
Class 4:  How to deal with toxic energy of certain people, places and situations?  Practice the top 25 ways to survive and thrive as an empath.