Her Experience | A Revolution + Retreat for Women



We do not have a future date for our next Her Experience because of COVID…but stay tuned as this powerful day long event will be back….

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Her Experience is a gathering of strong women from diverse backgrounds who come together to replenish mind, body, and spirit in a day of reflection, procurement of joy, and outstanding personal and professional opportunities.

It’s an opportunity to refresh, renew, and replenish your soul as we enter spring, and a blank page waiting to be filled with the magic you hold within.

The women who make up the Her Experience team have diverse backgrounds in therapy, yoga, entrepreneurship, personal and career development. This group of women designed a custom retreat to give you time and space to breathe, begin to heal your body, inspire your heart, replenish your spirit, and connect with other creative and authentic women. You can savor a slower, nurturing pace while recharging yourself. You will be introduced to techniques and insight to help you step back into the world stronger, braver, and more connected to the essence of your spirit.

You can be you.

Her Experience integrates 4 components:

  • Tuning into the connection between your mind + body

  • Self-care and self-love

  • Creating your personal manifesto

  • Gaining clarity on your personal brand and what you project to the world.

We start by turning inward to reconnect to our inner genius and wisdom, and then bravely envision how to take this out into the world. Massage and creative projects are bonus additions to this magical day.

Our first event in March 2019 was a beautiful day filled with connections + self reflection.

We realize that cost is a barrier for some of us. Because of this, we offer scholarships for each event. Please inquire at hello@herexperience.org.

As we develop this event, we welcome community feedback and ideas to make our day better (+ more powerful!)

Stay in touch for announcements for upcoming events and offers.

The Her Experience Team

Kate Moreland

With a degree in Psychology – and a Juris Doctorate – Kate is an experienced community leader who understands the struggles of career decision, job search, and finding the right cultural fit. After a decade practicing law, Kate recognized that she needed to make a change. For the past 12 years, Kate has been coaching others as they explore interests, uncover strengths, and consider career moves. She has worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, including creative professionals, entrepreneurs, those transitioning careers, or re-entering the workforce. Additionally, Kate is currently getting a certificate in the Science of Well Being from Yale University.


Betsy Rippentrop

Betsy Rippentrop, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and certified yoga and meditation instructor who uniquely blends science, psychology, mysticism, and spirituality into her classes. She courageously guides people into deeper awareness of their body and mind, and is especially adept at translating complex concepts into practical tools that can efficiently shift people. She owns Heartland Yoga, maintains a psychology practice focused on integrating yoga into treatment, has authored numerous academic papers on the mind-body connection and is author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Chakras.


Katy Brown

Katy Brown is CEO and founder of Katy Brown Marketing. Throughout her long and winding career, Katy has been responsible for creation, execution, and maintenance of marketing strategies for political campaigns, local businesses, and national brands; including Hershey’s, Steve Case (founder of AOL and a venture capitalist), Allsteel, Jonsteen Tree Company, Team Iowa Physical Therapy, BluPrairie Technologies, and Urban Acres Real Estate. Katy is deeply involved in the community, including supporting Iowa City’s entrepreneurs. She has a soft spot for people creating their own place and space in this world – and helping them find their voice.


Andrea Wilson

A visual artist, writer, and storyteller, Andrea believes that creativity and expression define the beauty of the human experience. In early 2014, she moved back to the UNESCO City of Literature to passionately pursue writing, only to feel disconnected from the very literary community that brought her home. The Iowa Writers’ House started as an altruistic dream to create a springboard for all of those involved in using art and literature to connect themselves with the world. Today the organization reaches over 3,000 writers, offers workshops and programs in both Iowa City and Des Moines, and has created strategic relationships connecting Iowa with festivals in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and beyond.


Samantha Ferm
Fascinated by the various approaches to healing inspired by her own journey with an of Autoimmune condition, Samantha is the Owner and Operator of Full Circle Wellness which embraces various massage styles, Reiki, and Tibetan Singing Bowls. Originally from the Phoenix area with a B.A. in English, Samantha has lived in Washington D.C., northern California, and now loves calling Iowa her home. Samantha has also spent the last several years supporting the small business community in Eastern Iowa as a business counselor, loves exploring the Midwest with her dog, and getting outside as much as possible. She is happy to share her energy healing gifts with anyone interested.